Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The most precious things in life

My heart is heavy today, as I received the most shocking piece of news. A close friend's husband passed away in the morning, heart attack. Their newborn baby girl is only 4 months old, my dear friend is a newly wed, they just got married a year back and just started to build a family together. He was only in his early 40s, and looked healthy.

It brought back memories of my Dad's funeral.

I remembered the grief, and how I had to fight back my tears. But I was fortunate to have lots of help -- my husband and 2 younger sisters, and lots of comfort from relatives and friends. Dad was seriously ill for a month before he left us, we were sort of prepared. But I had wished that time was on our side, so we could accompany him on another overseas vacation, another family meal at a restaurant, and perhaps another movie outing.

This incident has once again reminded me about the most precious things in life -- time and health.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Back to writing

I'm back from the looooong hiatus of blogging. I was so caught up with my life I didn't have any energy left to write. I was kept busy with both work and school that I dropped most of the other things. Work is the killer, I became a workaholic. Although my hard work is recognized by the company through promotion and pay increments, it didn't make me happy. In fact, the harder I worked, the faster I climbed the ranks, the more trapped I feel.

School is like an ultra marathon of assignments and exams. It was hard to cope with a busy job, but it's something I wanted to accomplish, and I'm glad the tough part is over.

What's next? I quit my busy job because I needed something that could balance up my life. I needed more control over my time and not let the job control my time instead. I am losing steam and needed a change to spice things up. So change I did, and definitely hoping this change is for the better.

I have some plans in mind and need time to work on it. Look out for this space!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Planning a backpacking trip

My next big trip for 2011 is going to be....... *drums roll* SOUTH KOREA!

But instead of signing up for a tour package just like everyone else, I am going to do it the DIY style. It will be a trip of exploration of the nature and the slower towns and cities. I wanted to do a solo trip initially, but a girlfriend wants to explore Korea too, so now I will have a companion! It will be a good chance to test my Korean language abilities too. Tsk tsk.

Having headache with the itinerary!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Seeing the girlfriend and her married life

The girlfriend who used to party harder than me, always had more fun than me, settled down about 2 years ago after meeting her Mr Right. Her life changed dramatically, just like her dramatic personality. But this change is something that is normal and also noble. I had the chance to feel this change when I stayed over at her place because the husband was away. Seeing her going around with a big tummy and holding hands with her daughter, going out for dinner as if nothing much has changed. This woman is amazing. When I asked her how was married life, her answer was: It has ups and downs.

Life is never perfect, we all know this fact. Its about learning how to ride over the downtime and enjoy the moments of happier times. I am happy to see her enjoying every single moment with her beloved Natalie -- full of hugs and kisses and laughters, and sometimes exasperations, but its all fine. Tiffany is on the way soon, another joyful blessing. I look forward to another night with the girls. Perhaps the more I spend time with the little kids, the desire of finding my own Mr Right and start my own family would come. But right now, I just want to be selfish and enjoy the freedom of being single, and occasionally spending time with the children of my girlfriends.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Challenging or what?

Worklife has been super imbalanced these days, ever since some colleagues left. My share of responsibilities has seen a threefold growth. The job is getting challenging. For someone like me who likes to gek kiang and challenge myself, I should be goddam happy about it. But somehow, it feels empty to be challenging myself so hard and I don't get any kick out of this.

Something is lacking. Don't know what. Too tired to find out.

I lost my drive.

I need inspiration.

I'm taking a long hiatus on the part-time studies, am so afraid that I will lose steam.

I need holidays...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thou Shalt not entertain the self-centered attention suckers

If the only things that you can do around me is to joke around, talk crap, and getting all my attention but not hearing what I have to say, then get lost. I can't stand self-centeredness, neither can I stand stupidity nor feigning stupid. Yes, I can't stand bimbos.

Get real around me you bitch.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to reality

KL, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Phuket. Holidaying is never enough. I still feel the urge to go holiday, but I guess for the rest of year, I have to work doubly hard and leave the travelling plans to next year.

I have been staying away from the blog for sometime, because I need to focus my energy on the tonnes of things I need to do.

Work work work, I'll switch into the workaholic mode till 31st December 2010.

I'll miss this side of me -- dreamy and happy.